two in one –
The Swiss manufacturing network


There is a competent partner for each stage in the process in this well-rehearsed network. The specialist fields covered by «two in one» include aerospace and rail vehicles as well as customised solutions.


All of a piece

Benninger Guss AG specialises in iron-carbon materials, lamellar-graphite cast iron and special nodular graphite grades such as ADI and BENODUR®. The company produces castings for the highest demands in small and medium-sized batches up to a unit weight of around 5.5 tons.

Quality and passion

MDC Max Daetwyler AG’s competence center specializes in high quality precision machining of medium-sized and large cubic components. Daetwyler mills and grinds single parts up to 12 meters length and 50 tons weight. Our production facility in Tallinn (Estonia) concentrates on welding complex machine beds and steel structures up to the same dimensions and weight.

Forging is our passion

On 9 different forging groups, we forge parts made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Inconel and titanium with drop forgings from 0.1 kg to 200 kg and open die forgings up to a maximum of 500 kg. Through our large stock of raw materials, our own tool making facility, heat treatment plant and mechanical production department, we can supply you with fully machined forged parts within a very short time. Flükiger & Co. AG is certified according to the aviation standard EN-9100: 2016 and has the HPQ of the Deutsche Bahn.

Universe of heat treatment

Gerster takes care of all of your heat treatment requirements through metallurgical advice, a wide range of equipment, various processes (incl. boronising, laser hardening, flame hardening, HARD-INOX), the treatment of millions of tiny parts of only a few grams up to large components of several tons, and through support for your in-house heat treatment. Thanks to various certifications, the high expectations of mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and medical technology can be met.

Harzenmoser surface treatments

Pleasing to the eye and to the touch: that’s the mark of a perfect surface. As pioneers and professionals, we have spent 40 years refining materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, glass and plastic with cutting-edge technologies.
Our services include powder coating and wet painting, including chemical and mechanical pre-treatment. Efficient, flexible facilities are available for small and large series as well as for large-format individual parts.

Leading in metal machining

The key competence of Knoepfel AG is the efficient machining of different materials to produce complex mechanical components in the highest precision, supplemented by comprehensive advice and individual services.

Marenco is shaping ideas

Marenco understands to transform concepts into products and to create new business solutions – Marenco helps to achieve corporate goals holistically – Marenco is consulting and training comprehensively.

Quality that inspires

The firm of Metalyss AG is your specialist for aluminium sand castings and forgings of aluminium or brass. Casting and forging takes place in the latest manufacturing facilities. Metalyss AG supports its customers from the development phase through to the serial production of top quality workpieces that are ready for immediate installation. These quality products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland – true to the motto: whatever we do, we do well!